27; Barre instructor for three years and is a Master Trainer for Neighborhood Barre

Meghan Flowers is a passionate Barre Master Trainer now, but she used to think high-impact cardio was the only way to make a difference in her physique. Meghan was a D1 tennis player, and after college, she continued the cardio-focused mentality she had as an athlete. After feeling stagnant with her fitness, she tried Neighborhood Barre (NB) and fell in love with how she felt after the workout. “Barre helped me restore my relationship and love for fitness. It made me feel empowered and allowed me to shift my focus to getting stronger and feeling good rather than burning a certain number of calories,” Meghan says. Her love for Barre and blind ambition led Meghan to register for instructor training. Now, as a Master Trainer, she trains new instructors in Barre and seasoned instructors in different formats. 

NB offers different class options for a full cross-training experience – a low-intensity toning barre50 class, a cardio-focused barreHIIT class, and a weightlifting barreSTRENGTH class. Each move in every class offers modifications and advancement options to tailor to an individual client regardless of age, stage, or fitness level. “Our studio has a no-judgment zone where you can truly show up to our classes with no comparisons or judgments. It’s one giant family that has been so exciting to see grow!” Meghan says. Her favorite exercises are thigh exercises at the Barre with heel popping — she loves the thigh burn paired with the required core engagement. 

Aside from her love for the NB workouts and community, Meghan loves the unique challenge associated with teaching and the connection she has with her students. Whether curating a fun playlist for her students or having early morning conversations with her classes (Meghan charmingly refers to it as her ‘podcast hour’), she loves contributing to the positive community of friendship with the NB women. 

Jordan Galloway, an NB student, attests to the fun and inclusive environment of Meghan’s classes. “What I love about Meghan and NB is that they truly care about ensuring women know they are strong and capable of hard things. So many gyms only care about appearances, but NB emphasizes the functionality that working out and strengthening adds to your life and makes that the focus of their classes,” she says. 

Outside of instructing, Meghan is a 4th-grade math teacher at Christ Methodist Day School, where she brings her same instructor energy and persona daily to her students! She also loves reading and spending time with her husband, her four-month-old son Drew, and their two dachshunds. Meghan attests to her easy pregnancy and postpartum experience in taking Barre and maintaining her fitness.

In the future, Meghan is excited to continue learning, growing, and advancing her craft as an instructor by traveling to other NB studios and bringing this knowledge to the new teachers that she trains. “What I love about this job is there is no “best”— there is always space to grow and glow brighter.” 

Are you interested in trying Neighborhood Barre? Visit Neighborhoodbarre.com/location/nb-memphis/ to sign up!