55, Account Executive at Johnson Controls, Inc., Volunteer for St. Ann Catholic Church Bartlett 

Bragging Rights

I ran the Frisco Railroad Run 50K race in April on a pretty flat course and won the Regional Grand Master Title for 50K. I had no clue I won until they called my name on the loudspeaker.

Most Memorable Race

Breaking two hours at the St. Jude Half Marathon two years ago.

I >>heart>> Running

I love the competitive and social sides of running. The community is encouraging, and the after parties are worth it. I also enjoy group runs with my Memphis in Motion friends and being outside, especially the trails.

Fitness Motivation

I realize how much better I feel and how much more I enjoy life by getting out and being active. There is plenty of downtime in the world so why waste it.

Next Challenge

I have the Full Moon 50K in Arkansas in July, which is a nighttime race. Then it’s full-time training for the Tunnel Hill 50 miler in Southern Illinois in November.

Gear Must-Haves

My Garmin Vivoactive HR watch and a good pair of running shoes. My Garmin tracks almost everything I do for the day and is connected to my phone. My phone then uploads my daily stats to my company’s healthcare website, and I end up getting discounts on my healthcare. 

Sage Advice

Losing 20 pounds drastically improved my running. Always have a good physical therapist and massage therapist on speed dial.

Best Eats

After a 5- to 6-mile run, I like a Huey Burger with tots or rings as well as water and a beer. 


My children: three sons and a daughter-in-law. It’s interesting to watch the people they have become as adults. I’m also passionate about almost any sport. If it has teams and competition, I will watch.


Chocolate and ice cream! My brothers and I were raised on it.


From the book “The Secret Gift” by Ted Gup (a true story set in my hometown of Canton, OH), “Each night I bury the record of today, for every morning a soul is born anew, and I do not permit the disappointments of today or yesterday to reflect on the possibilities of tomorrow.”