H+F hit the roads, parks, and trails to find this summer’s hottest dogs.










Jaylen Spears & Pablo

Pablo, three, loves swimming at Shelby Farms and baked goods from Hollywood Feed. “One time we came home and he had eaten a whole can of Crisco!”










Lisa Street & Henry

Henry, two and a half, gets extra energy from Puppuccinos at Starbucks. He burns it off while playing with his friends at Dogs Rule.










Shawn Mathews & Sheldon

Sheldon, one, is a mini Aussiedoodle. He loves long walks down the V & E Greenline and playing in the fountain at Crosstown Concourse. His favorite snacks include bacon-flavored rawhide, jerky, socks, flip flops, underwear, and phone chargers. 










Sela Cooper & Jersey

Jersey is a three-year-old Vizsla. She likes to do tricks, run, and point at birds. “I am Jersey’s 13-year-old sister and taught her pretty much all the tricks she knows.”










Marcie Keech & Rosie Louise

Rosie, one, is a Blue Great Dane. Her favorite workout is running around the house with a pillow in her mouth. She loves water and to cuddle with her mommy. Rosie is a Cooper-Young show stopper on her nightly walks. 










Nick Jackson & Ciaridh

Ciaridh is a 10-week-old black lab. She is now running up to three-quarters of a mile a day and likes Lil’ Bite salmon snacks from Hollywood Feed and throwing around her stuffed chipmunk.










Nathan Berry & Roux 

Four-year-old Roux’s favorite treat is raw strip steak. On her most recent fit trip, she summited Mt. Elbert. She went twelve miles from 10,800 feet up to 14,443 and back down in about five hours in the snow. She averages about 20 miles a week on local trails.










Jimmy McLendon & Coco

Coco, a nine-year-old chocolate lab, loves to retrieve golf balls at Toby Park and enjoys Kirkland dog food garnished with rotisserie chicken from Costco.










Leslie Davidson & Daisy

Daisy, 12, enjoys power walks in Central Gardens, especially the tree-lined streets of Linden & Vance. A Red Delicious apple cut into small pieces is her go-to afternoon snack.

By Hailey Thomas