We all have that one go-to friend we consult for relationship advice. What’s less common is for that friend to turn their proclivity into a career. Meet Jacqui Rubinoff, a Certified Love Coach and Relationship Expert, and the Vice President of Eye of Love, a rapidly growing pheromone brand specializing in products that can enhance your everyday life. Between coaching and product creation, Jacqui’s line of work covers all the bases when it comes to love.

Whether single or taken, anyone can benefit from love coaching. Couples will learn how to navigate conflict, developing tools for improving communication, intimacy, and mindfulness. Singles become better prepped for dating, by identifying what values and traits they are seeking in a potential partner.

The busy mother of two sat down with us to share her 2022 relationship tips, just ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Ditch the Device

Dating in a world of social media filters and quick-swiping apps can be nerve-wracking and put a damper on communication efforts. Although Jacqui acknowledges the perks of technology, such as long-distance romance opportunities and ease of connectivity, she says downside factors, such as hookup and ghosting culture, paired with heavy screen use, can be a recipe for disaster.

Couples should carve quality time out of their schedules to be together sans phones. It’s important for partners to build romantic environments around these occasions that are distinguishable from their commonplace activities.

Leave Ego at the Door

This same advice applies to the bedroom, and the love virtuoso recommends that partners learn how to both initiate sex, as well as gently refuse when not in the mood. Equally noteworthy— gentle refusals are to be treated respectfully and without resentment. Actively listening to your SO’s needs in these moments will foster a more passionate relationship that statistically results in fewer dry periods.

As far as vanity is concerned, we’re limiting it to just furniture here.

Better Together

Regarding fitness, Jacqui says that couples can motivate one another by working out jointly.

Oftentimes, one person being in shape in a relationship when the other is not can serve as a source of tension. Jacqui recommends for couples to engage in fun workout activities together, as opposed to placing pressure on the other to get into shape or to exercise alone.

Jacqui personally loves to do AcroYoga with her husband, Lee, because it addresses several relationship aspects, such as communication and trust.

Modern Dating Tips

For singles just getting their feet wet in the waters of modern-day dating, Jacqui provides some jarring advice: before a first date, create a list of deal-breakers and other personal non-negotiables, so you know what you’re looking for from the get-go. This can help avoid compromising your values further down the line when feelings are already hot and heavy.

While this may seem a bit forward or intimidating, Jacqui recommends bringing the topics up casually and in a fun way, weaving them tactfully into those initial tête-à-têtes. If you’re still feeling the date jitters or a slight dip in confidence, our expert reminds readers to focus on your own criteria and if the other is meeting those, as opposed to getting caught in the anxiety-inducing loop of “do they like me?”

Leverage Your Senses

Another option: dip into the chemistry of love. Jacqui’s background in family and consumer sciences has helped her design products that catch the eye just as quickly as the olfactory.

While our bodies naturally secrete pheromones, chemical substances that elicit same-species arousal, we often unintentionally mask them by shaving, showering, and using deodorants. Luckily, we can keep showering: Eye of Love’s various products offer an easy solution.

In addition to their sexual attraction benefits, pheromones go one step further. Overall, the compound makes other people feel good and more comfortable around you, which explains why Jacqui’s product sales are largely driven by hospitality workers, salespeople, managers, and those attending social events, meetings, or conferences.

Anyone can benefit from Eye of Love’s stylish and chic pheromone enhancers, beyond the scope of amour. It’s up to you how you use them. Her advice: The root of love is giving. The more you give, the more you love, and the relationship will grow from there.

Check out her website, Eyeoflove.com, for product lists and more relationship tips!

By Shlomit Ovadia