At Manduu, home of the 15-minute Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Workout, anyone can join for a quick and effective alternative to a crowded gym environment. 

Muscle is built by contracting and relaxing muscle fibers, typically through lifting weights or bodyweight workouts. EMS technology mimics this phenomenon by contracting and relaxing your muscles for you in repeated four-second bursts. All you have to do is strap in, brace yourself, and perform slow movements during the contraction period – and within 15 minutes, your session is complete! 

During a free consultation appointment at Manduu, one of their trainers provides a tour of the facility and explains the EMS technology. Next, you are given specific clothes to wear for your workout, followed by a carbon electrode suit used to connect to the EMS system. Sessions at Manduu are semi-private, meaning you can expect to conduct your EMS session either alone with a trainer or with one other trainee. The trainer oversees your entire session and tells you a series of simple movements and stretches to do throughout the 15 minutes. 

Manduu offers four unique training options depending on your goal: Lean, Pump, Strength, and Endurance. Manduu’s Lean program is designed so that users will see longer and leaner muscle appearance and improved sleep, focus, and mood. The Pump program is tailored to increase muscle size and introduce more power into the workout –– ideal for those with goals of increasing mass and having a bulkier, more muscular physique. In the Manduu Strength plan, base strength is maintained, and there is a concentration on functional fitness and an athletic physique. Finally, the Endurance program is designed to mimic the workouts of endurance athletes, and sessions are tailored to increase stamina and aerobic capacity. 

Manduu facilities also include InBody scanners, which provide several body measurements, including fat and muscle percentages. The trainer will then provide their informed opinion about your measurements and offer suggestions on how they think you should proceed, both in terms of your diet and the frequency of your Manduu sessions. InBody scans are incorporated into future sessions so that trainers can see your progress and continue to provide feedback.

Manduu is an ideal alternative for those who do not enjoy a gym environment or feel they do not have enough time or motivation to workout. Several clinical trials have shown that EMS can be considered a time-efficient option to resistance training. It has shown effectiveness in postmenopausal women, sedentary or obese adults, or others who may have problems training regularly. Members can simply suit up at Manduu, and the EMS machine does the hard work for them. 

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By Zoe Harrison