The Kettlebell Queen • Kettlebell Coach & Co-founder of 901 Kettlebell Club 

Nikki Veit is a New York Native who moved to Memphis in 2019 after spending five years in Chicago. She now lives in East Memphis with her wife, Carly, and their spoiled little doodle, Rocky. 

Nikki’s fitness journey kicked off during her time spent living in Chicago. She moved there in 2014 to pursue a career in theater but got hooked on fitness. Once she started working out and seeing how strong she was getting, she felt called to help others feel the positive impact of fitness training and how it can impact their lives. 

Eight years later, she owns a private training business. She’s a Kettlebell coach, a personal trainer, an occasional CrossFit coach, and a “sometimes” competitive athlete. Nikki is proud to offer inclusive training experiences to anyone curious to learn and open-minded to change.

During the pandemic’s peak, Nikki founded the 901 Kettlebell Club with her friend Robin Morris to bring their love of Kettlebell to the Memphis community. They started teaching classes in Overton Park, and it was inspiring to see folks from all different walks of life come and workout with them. They spent their weekends driving their cars full of Kettlebells to the park, unloading dozens of bells, and teaching hour-long classes. Three years later, Nikki is still teaching those Kettlebell classes in her backyard gym on Saturday mornings! 

Nikki’s mission has always been to educate and empower people through inclusive fitness practices. She never wants anyone to question if they are “worthy” or “welcome” in her training space. Currently, she’s working on expanding her training business and inviting more people to check out her backyard gym in East Memphis, aptly titled “The Kettlebell Clubhouse.” She’s now offering small group, circuit-style classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and group Kettlebell classes on Saturday mornings. 

By Lucy Modzelewski 

Photo by Avery Amstutz 

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