An organized kitchen is so much more than just a clean kitchen. Having a dedicated spot for utensils and a structured cabinet system are wonderful for the aesthetic, but they don’t help much with eating better. When things are disorganized, you’re more likely to give up on cooking or finding healthy snacks. As professional organizers, we know how organizing a kitchen helps promote a healthier lifestyle. 

An Organized Kitchen Reduces Frustration. An Organized kitchen means you know what you own and have prepared in advance. Less frustration with the contents (or lack thereof) opens up for a more positive headspace. 

Say Goodbye to Decision Fatigue. Being organized can lessen decision fatigue because there are plenty of healthy choices at the ready. Reduction of choices, or more healthy visible ones, promote good food decisions. If you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, this is a great step to stay on track.  

Get Rid of Guilt for Wasting Food or Overspending on Groceries. When you’re organized, it reduces the likelihood of expired food or over-purchasing. Expired products or buying things that you already have is caused by not being aware of what you already own. An organized system as well as a meal schedule means your food and money do not go to waste.

A Clean Space Encourages Your Brain to Make Healthier Choices.  Cluttered spaces promote stress, and what’s easier than stress or impulse eating? A tidy and organized kitchen is calming, energizing, and encouraging to those who want to make healthy lifestyle choices. Clearing your space helps to clear your mind. 

An Organized Space Allows for Efficient Prepping and Cooking. When you know where everything is, it’s faster and easier to make your meal. Go a step further and have a calendar for planning your meals. Organizing your week/month in your kitchen opens up free time you never knew you had! 

A gorgeous before-and-after transformation feels great, but the real satisfaction is when we see how organization helps a client’s day-to-day. Take the time to look at your kitchen and see if it is conducive to a healthy and stress-free environment. 

Holly Springer Kulp and Tanya Springer are professional organizers and certified NAPO Specialists. They do residential organizing, life transitions, and household management. For more information, visit or call 901.355.7119.