It goes without saying that 2020 has definitely been eye opening for humanity. The COVID-19 virus reminds us that our species can still be vulnerable to things we cannot even see. It’s shown us that we live in a crowded world with stressful lifestyles and unbalanced diets that make us weaker. 

As we practice social distancing, we can use this opportunity to invest in ourselves and begin again. During this slow period, we can care for own bodies and use our minds to create wellness habits that fuel happy, healthy spirits. We are our best protection. Make the decision to power up your wellness and offer your body an extra natural armor. 

It’s rare to see health tips that don’t place diet at the top. Without a good diet, it is hard for the body to have the tools it needs to fight and stave off infection. The greatest defense for any viral infection is what we put in our bodies. Let’s start with our plate. 

Some foods can promote/lengthen viral infections. Foods high in arginine, nuts and seeds, dairy, and grains seem to fuel viruses and lower the amino acid lysine in the body. Lysine has been clinically proven to suppress viral growth. Viruses cannot live in alkaline systems. Adding certain foods and eliminating aggravators can help your body stay strong. Consult your doctor, but a small addition of the amino acid lysine can help to strengthen the immune system. Use as directed.

AVOID: Nuts and seeds, caffeine, dairy, sugar, grains, peanuts, soybeans, whole wheat

INCLUDE: Grass-fed meat (3–5 oz), eggs, avocados, vegetables, potatoes, lemons, limes, cranberries, seafood, cooked greens

Add Nature’s Medicine: Herbs

In a documented case study, oregano oil reduced a virus in 20 minutes. This oil has impressive medicinal qualities and is being studied by allopathy for its anti-viral properties. You can find this oil at health food stores. Take as directed. It is nature’s antibiotic so take probiotics and keep them two hours from your oil intake. 

Herbs like sage, basil, fennel, garlic, lemon balm, mint, and rosemary have been used in holistic medicine for centuries. Add these spices to fresh food, add mint to water, or use tea versions to boost your immunity naturally.


We can still enjoy the outdoors while avoiding others. Viruses thrive in environments with low levels of vitamin D. Take a 20-minute walk every day without sunscreen to boost your body’s production of it. Using a FAR infrared sauna for 30 minutes also creates vitamin D and detoxes the body at a cellular level. 

While the last couple of months have been scary, they are also a great chance to change the way we think, eat, and drink. Use the darkness we have been through to create the light that will change all generations to follow.

Amber Sam Thompson is the owner, an I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist & Beauty Wellness Therapist at Renew Wellness Spa, LLC. For More information call 901.435.6150  or visit