Cortney Young has spent much of her life on the move, a concept she has brought new meaning to through her mobile physical therapy practice here in Memphis — Concierge Physical Therapy. 

Cortney has always been passionate about helping people and grew up interested in the sciences. Her dad, a veterinarian, and his passion for healing animals resonated with Cortney. She was driven to find her career path early on, and in high school, she shadowed many professionals, from doctors to veterinarians and other health professionals. When she eventually shadowed at a physical therapy clinic, something clicked. “I loved the sense of connection the physical therapists had to their patients and the amount of time they could spend getting to know each other,” Cortney remembers. 

Cortney’s lifelong interest in health and fitness further garnered her proclivity towards physical therapy. She began running track in sixth grade in her small Kansas hometown and was a talented sprinter. After recognizing her interest in physical therapy, Cortney took the initiative to become a student athletic trainer towards the end of high school, jumping on the opportunity to get experience in the field she knew she wanted to work in. 

During college, Cortney continued to run but shifted away from sprinting and toward distance running. While she was in graduate school for physical therapy in 2005, she had a friend encourage her to try a half marathon, and she has continued to enjoy training and competing in half marathons since. As a military wife and mother of two, Cortney moved around often with her family, but running remained a constant. “I always saw running as a way to learn a new city and take in a new landscape. The Arizona deserts, South Carolina forests, Las Vegas cityscape to the Florida beaches — I have always loved seeing the different running personalities of new places.” 

In March 2020, the Youngs moved to Memphis, and Cortney feared it would be difficult to find a sense of community amidst the coronavirus pandemic. However, Cortney quickly found that fitness was a quick and easy way to make friends in Memphis. She found a group of mother runners in her neighborhood and eventually organized group workouts since most gyms and studios were closed due to the pandemic. “Working out in the neighborhood jump-started me out of the 2020 blues many of us experienced in quarantine and got me ready to get back in the gym again,” she recounts. 

Now, Cortney uses her skills as a physical therapist to give back to the fitness community and help others work through athletic injuries. Through her Concierge Physical Therapy mobile business, Cortney can provide one-on-one, in-home care to ensure her friends and community stay active. “I have loved being able to give back to my community and help them keep up with their fitness journeys,” Cortney says. 

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