Writer, nutrition enthusiast, mother of four, and Memphis native, Sondra King, shares how her passion for health inspired a career toward helping others take control of their well-being for longevity and increased quality of life. Her company, K&B’s Smooth Nutrition, creates nutrientpacked smoothies that energize the body for optimal function and taste good. “I was always conscious about how I nurtured and cared for my body ever since I was a young girl.” Growing up in a household of avid gardeners, Sondra recalls eating fresh produce from her backyard.

Common family staples included aromatic herbs, fresh tomatoes off the vine, vibrant melons, and berries bursting with flavor. During her involvement later in life with several literary pursuits that included self-published books and larger, endorsed writing projects, Sondra lost her father prematurely to health complications. “I was typing up his obituary on one laptop and my work anthology on another.” Taking a leap of faith, Sondra decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of rebranding her personal health blog into an e-commerce platform.

“I had asked myself, what makes you happy and fulfills you? So I decided to go all-in on the gas with no breaks.” K&B’s Smooth Nutrition’s name is a play on words that pays homage to her late father, Aron Bond, his support of her healthy lifestyle hobby, and their close relationship. Consumed by deadlines and other pressing responsibilities, Sondra developed several health-related issues, including hypertension, high blood pressure, fatigue, debilitating migraines, and intense acid reflux. She was placed on high-dose medications to alleviate symptoms, which made her feel groggy and out of sorts.

“I asked my doctor to allow me time to try a different method.” Sondra joined her church New Covenant’s community-wide elimination diet, the Daniel Fast, cutting out excess caffeine, sugar, fried meats, and other processed foods that ultimately were exacerbating the stress symptoms and taking a toll on her body. The changes felt so noticeable within a week that Sondra decided to extend the challenge over several months. Her ailments dissipated, and fatigue was replaced with increased focus and energy. “Everyone hears you are what you eat, but I truly learned that with this journey.

How you feel and look plays a huge part in expanding your life.” Sondra eventually began reincorporating foods back in more mindfully, with cleaner versions. “I think so many of us are just existing and not living. We get used to feeling a certain way, whether it’s fatigue or chronic pain.” K&B’s Smooth Nutrition smoothies include superfoods and immunity boosters not often found in typical storebought drinks, including turmeric powder, flax seed oil, blue magic spirulina, wheatgrass, and collagen.

“Most of us are not consuming enough collagen, which naturally decreases in our bodies with age.” Smoothies are a great way of packing nutrients while masking unpleasant tastes with delicious flavors, such as hydrating coconut water or fibrous mango, to get everything you need in one go. And all of K&B’s Smooth Nutrition smoothies are made fresh by Sondra and offer one-hour delivery for shoppers. For stress relief, Sondra emphasizes a consistent daily movement routine. She enjoys taking walks around popular nature spots, including Shelby Farms, stretching frequently, and practicing yoga at Brwnskn Yoga. “When you’re in the space of grace, good things begin to happen for you.”

To try a smoothie, stop at Mind, Body, Haus Yoga and grab fan favorite, “Neva’s Greens”, or shop online to customize your smoothie with various add-ons offered. Follow K&B’s Smooth Nutrition to stay up to date with their popup shops to refuel after your next workout! Partner locations include Stretch Lab, Cycle Bar, Esporta Fitness, Hot Worx, Club Pilates, Hot Yoga Plus, and more!


By Shlomit Ovadia