Brandon Eulls Jr., 22, is a born and raised Memphian who has pulled himself from unhealthy habits to become a competitive runner. Brandon grew up playing football and reflects that he was always a big kid, though his weight would often fluctuate. After high school, no longer playing sports regularly, Brandon started gaining more weight and weighed over 330 pounds at his heaviest. In 2021, after seeing a photo of himself with friends, Brandon decided to take action and become a healthier version of himself. “I had been in denial about my weight gain, but once I saw that photo, I needed to do something different,” he says. 

Though he began focusing more on his diet and exercise in 2021, Brandon was inconsistent and did not have a fitness community to connect with, and consequently saw his weight continue to fluctuate. After physical symptoms, pain, and depression became more prevalent, Brandon’s mom recommended that he try a weight loss clinic to receive professional guidance. In November 2022, Brandon consulted NexGen Wellness in Bartlett and was prescribed weight loss medication, which has since changed Brandon’s life. “I was skeptical at first, but am now so thankful I gave it a try,” he remembers. 

Brandon’s medication helped to curb his appetite, and he found it much easier to stick to a healthy diet. Within four months, Brandon had lost 40 pounds and felt much better physically and mentally. He was also back in the gym doing cardio and took regular progress photos to see the effects of his hard work. 

After months of doing cardio at the gym, Brandon felt inspired to try running outdoors and racing. He signed up for the Great American River Run 10K in 2023 and was immediately hooked on racing. “I found that I really love running with a group and having a fun, challenging race coming up to train for,” he says. 

In the summer of 2023, Brandon started running with the Trail Trippers and this spring with the Hyper Focus running group. “I love the sense of community I found with these running groups, and running with them inspires me to train harder and be consistent,” Brandon says. After running his first 10K in 2023, Brandon has raced in half marathons and is now training for his first full marathon. 

Now, having lost over 80 pounds and racing regularly, Brandon’s advice for others struggling to get healthy is to take action. “My whole life, physically and mentally, has improved so much since I decided to get healthy. If you are struggling, do not hesitate to look for health professionals or local communities that can inspire you to be your best,” he says.

Interested in joining a group run? Check out @hyperfocusrun and @trailtrippers on Instagram.

By Zoe Harrison 

Photo by Tindall Stephens