As an avid runner, yogi, musician, and creative spirit, Kathleen Weatherford learned the true value of balance when she decided to leave the corporate world and carve her own path, creating jewelry that tells a story to empower its wearers. 

Towards the end of her 15-year stint working in commercial insurance, Kathleen discovered the joys of jewelry-making. She found it to be a grounding form of self-expression. 

“The art of it created a space for relief and therapy. You had to have precision, mindfulness, and engagement.” 

Soon enough, people began commenting on her jewelry and asking where they could purchase it, leading the trendsetter to launch her side gig, Vice by Kathleen. 

The hobby became an income source, and the brand was mostly a statement about being bold and feminine. It consisted of statement pieces such as plunging necklaces and long earrings that were lightweight in feel and material despite their appearance. 

Kathleen shares how her husband Heiskell encouraged her to continue following her passion — once expressed through music, now through jewelry creation — to have the inspiration for making this career shift. 

“Heiskell entirely shifted my world into perspective.” Through a conversation about values, Kathleen said, “I realized it was more important to me to have fulfillment over success. There was a different balance needed.” 

Soon after, Kathleen took the entrepreneur plunge, transitioning out of corporate America and fully into the craft of jewelry-making under Grace by Kathleen Weatherford, Vice’s new name. 

“To get to the next level of life, life demands a different version of you,” the jeweler explains of the company’s rebranding. “The fulfillment is in the grace of being present and purpose-filled with every impact.” 

Every piece sold by Grace tells a story, with different collections aiming to inspire people to be authentic and live every moment with meaning and intention. 

Kathleen works with various materials, from repurposed metals to gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze, and copper. She pre-makes parts and then gives clients the opportunity to customize their pieces with accessory charms and layering options. 

“There is an honest vulnerability with creativity,” something Kathleen intuitively has been expressing for years through writing music, singing, and movement. 

“There is an honest vulnerability with creativity” 

In addition to their storefront in the Broad Arts District at 454 N Bingham, which can be visited by appointment or during their monthly pop-ups, Grace by Kathleen Weatherford makes appearances at different trade shows and boutiques nationwide. 

Traveling gives Kathleen an opportunity to explore new places by jogging her way through the cities for an added layer of activity. 

“Mental health is extremely important for me, especially the physical element.” To stay fit, body and mind, Kathleen takes power Vinyasa flows at Hot Yoga Plus in East Memphis as well as runs on gravel trails around town, plays tennis, and bikes with her 8-year-old son, Payton.

To order online:

IG: @gracebykathleenweatherford