Food trucks are scattered about the Memphis area, but Good Groceries is unlike the others. Founded by Leah and Chad Getchel in 2020 as an adventure during the pandemic, their goal is to serve healthy, fresh, and inspiring meals that leave their customers satisfied and returning for more. Their food truck serves made-from-scratch, unique dishes that change based on the season. A food truck for all, but especially for people living an active lifestyle, patrons benefit from the high-quality, nutritious fuel. Options to suit different lifestyles and dietary preferences, such as vegetarians, vegans, keto, and gluten-free nutritional choices and restrictions can all be met. 

Leah and Chad’s commitment to the diverse community extends beyond their menu. They are dedicated to running their business in the most eco-friendly ways possible. From their choice of sustainable, eco-friendly ServiceWare over Styrofoam, to their composting practices, every step is a testament to their environmental consciousness. Their compassion for animals is not just a personal value, but a business principle, as they strive to work with humane vendors. Respect is the cornerstone of their business, whether it’s for the customers they serve, the food they prepare, or the community they serve. 

Exciting things are on the horizon for Good Groceries. Leah and Chad are preparing to open a brick-and-mortar location in the vibrant Cooper Young area at 585 South Cooper Street, a space that was previously home to Mo’Bay Beignet Co and Muddy’s cupcakes. This new venture will start as a grab-and-go store, offering their signature seasoned meats and sauces. But it’s not just a store, it’s a community hub. They plan to host events with live bands, inviting people to experience the new space. The vision is to create an inclusive environment, catering to a variety of gatherings — from study groups to wine tastings, weddings, and more. 

Leah and Chad have a family-first attitude, which is reflected in the kindness they show their customers. They want their new brick-and-mortar space to represent who they are: cooks, business owners, parents, and kind and caring people. They look forward to growing into a full restaurant early next year. 

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By Dallas Meador 

Photos by Brooke Simpson