20, Team Member at Breakaway Running and Student Associate at Rhodes College 

PETS: A rambunctious coonhound-lab mix, Buddy Wayne, and a chocolate lab, Coco. 

RECENT WINS: I took on my first trail race in the Village Creek 25k. I raced to fourth female overall and first in my age group. 

NEXT RACE: Fort Pillow Trail Race 

MY EDGE: I am a PRicerunning Athlete, coached by Heather Price. She is fantastic, holds me accountable, and has helped me improve my overall performance, mature as an athlete, and achieve the goals I have in mind. She’s a behind-the-scenes powerhouse. 

WELL ROUNDED: Common for many athletes my age, I battle sport-related eating and exercise disorders. It is the unspoken struggles that tend to fester and burn me out; but this past year I chose to listen carefully and get on a path of whole-body wellness. The fitness community has urged athletes to take on their mental health as seriously as they would a physical injury. 

MUST-HAVE GEAR: Hoka Clifton Edge, Garmin Venu, and Nike Tempo Elite Shorts 

I <3 RUNNING: I took on running a few months after my mom suffered a brain aneurysm and passed away. I was 17 and needed an outlet to just feel free from the pain of loss. The hardest thing is to remember that I do this for myself and for enjoyment. I often remind myself to stress less about pacing and competition, and enjoy the fact that movement and mental release is the root of my love for this. 

BUCKET LIST: Run the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim 

BEST EATS: If you haven’t been to Brother Juniper’s you MUST go. 

DREAM DINNER DATE: Michelle Obama! 

MOTTO: “You must do the thing you cannot do.” —Eleanor Roosevelt 

Photo by Tindall Stephens