It’s simple: treat your skin well, and your skin’s health will profit. That’s the concept behind Skinvestment Body Co., the latest au naturel skincare line in Memphis.

It all began when CEO Amber Allen saw her boyfriend struggling with eczema flare-ups in 2018. The makeup artist wanted to find a product that would alleviate and soothe the appearance of his skin irritation.

This led to the formulation of her first homemade product: Whipped Body Butter, Unscented — made using several quality ingredients.

Seeing its effectiveness, Amber created an entire line of skin-nourishing products under the aptly named company, Skinvestment. Yet, the body butter remains her most popular item to date.

“You will see your skin improve over time,” she explains of the company’s forward focus on healthy and moisturized skin.

Skinvestment’s products are purely organic and plant-based, utilizing gentle yet decadent ingredients, including Shea butter, mango butter, and calendula oil.

Indulgent yet affordable, the fragrance-free, sensitive-skin friendly, gender-neutral products lock in hydration, combat oxidative stress on the skin, promote healthy aging, and are safe for all ages and skin types.

As a fellow DIYer, I wanted to know how she did it.

“Trial and error, and a whole lot of mess-ups,” Amber discloses with a slight chuckle, recalling her countless kitchen experiments shared with friends and family members.

“Hearing testimonials about how my products have helped those struggling with eczema for many years is my favorite part .

I’m going along a journey; I’m not just doing this for me.”

Skinvestment is also committed to protecting the environment. Their products are sold in eco-friendly packaging made from bio-degradable plastics and reusable jars and are free from parabens, chemicals, and sulfites.

For best results, salves are applied generously as needed on dampened skin in a circular motion. Those with underlying skin conditions can expect to see inflammation decrease and skin appearance improve within a few weeks.

With plans to expand, Amber is working on bringing her products into popular retail spots around town, while her Chief of Marketing boyfriend handles all the team’s social media and marketing needs. You can shop online or at the Agricenter Farmer’s Market. Shipping and local pick-up options are available.

Elevate your self-care this month by investing in quality body products. Trust us — your skin will thank you later.

Our Top Picks:

Try their Ultra-Hydrating Shower Oil infused with rose petals and white tea for a refreshing cleanse that will leave your skin spotless and oh-so-soft.

Give your lips some TLC with their Hydrating Lip Scrub. Complete with a small applicator brush, the product will remove dead skin cells while revitalizing the lips using jojoba, olive, and other decadent oils.

To promote scalp hair growth and get that softer beard feel, opt for their herb-infused Him Not Them Conditioning Beard Oil, made with peppermint, rosemary, and hemp seed oil.

IG: @skinvestmentbodyco

By Shlomit Ovadia

Photo by Tindall Stephens