There are few feelings more rewarding than seeing the results of your hard work over time.

Memphis’ Shoot 360 incorporates daily movement in a fun, no-stress environment while offering room for growth. Their innovative approach to fitness folds the fundamental physical techniques of basketball into a digital experience, encouraging children and sports enthusiasts of any age or level to excel.

Local Memphian Chris Mayatte shares his family’s experience with us, referring to 360 as “the holy grail.”

The husband and father of two girls work out about six to seven times per week, starting with 20-30 minutes of weight-resistance training, followed by a 40-minute stairs cardio regimen at the Lifetime Fitness in Collierville.

While Chris and his wife Cassie love being active and thoroughly embrace a fit lifestyle, the parents do not impose it on their two daughters, Brooke, 12, and Emma, 10.

Instead, the Mayattes regularly frequent the newest concept in sports training: Shoot 360, an interactive, indoor facility where children can burn off energy regardless of outdoor weather conditions, and parents can spend time with their kids while watching them develop skills.

“360 is a useful tool in helping us instill the discipline of consistency with working out in our children, by giving them the opportunity to get better at basketball.”

The concept of Shoot 360 is simple yet genius. It marries the digital needs of today’s youth with physical fitness, or in this case, basketball training.

Shoot 360 is an entirely captivating experience. Participants move between the various “stations” where they can focus on dribbling, passing, jumping, shooting or other elements of basketball that require finesse. Cameras above each station analyze a player’s every movement, while a nearby television screen provides real-time advice and feedback using advanced AI technology, as well as pre-recorded demonstrations on how to complete drills. This allows participants to see patterns or tendencies in their play, which they can then directly focus on improving.

Using their tracked progress, players can enter virtual challenges, engaging them in a fun, competitive space while accumulating points.

Chris loves to incentivize his daughters further to reach their goals by rewarding them with the occasional dessert treat.

Additionally, the center employs basketball coaches, who circulate the booths and provide in-person feedback to assist players.

With membership rates starting at $130, Shoot 360 is an affordable and fun alternative to hiring a private coach. At Shoot 360, members can go as often as they like and consistently receive quality instruction and group lessons, all bolstered by cutting-edge mechanics.

A typical visit can be anywhere between one to two hours, as there are larger courts outside where people can play against one another after warming up and testing their skills indoors.

For increased improvement, it’s recommended for players to frequent the facility about three to four times per week on average.

“My goal is to be a training wheel for my kids. I try to introduce them to things, and then as adults, they will make their own healthy decisions long-term.”

For more information, call 901.316.5500 or visit

By Shlomit Ovadia
Photo by Sam Sikes