A graduate of the prestigious HARID Conservatory in Florida, 36-year-old Jonathan David Dummar has called the Mid-South home since 2015 when he joined Ballet Memphis. Prior to then, Jonathan danced with Nevada Ballet Arts in Reno (his hometown), the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago, and the San Francisco Opera.

Being a performance artist, Jonathan is no stranger to the importance of fitness and staying active. Several months ago, a client introduced him to a new form of exercise called Manduu. It’s a workout that uses an electric muscle stimulation suit. Once suited up and the appropriate resistance levels are determined, you are guided through a series of exercises by a trainer. These exercises target all of the major muscle groups. The stimulation suit encourages the engagement of the oppositional muscle groups. Through this engagement, internal resistance is created, which optimally trains the muscles needed to create the movement pattern being demonstrated.

Jonathan says, “My glutes were never so sore as they were after my first experience, yet I also found that my favorite glute stretches were much easier to manage.”

Manduu helps engage muscular fibers that have remained offline due to injury, de-conditioning, or trauma. This increased engagement helps the fibers fire in greater synchronicity with the surrounding tissue. In addition to muscular strength, the workout also helps to increase muscular flexibility by elongating the opposing muscle groups targeted within the demonstrated movement pattern.

As a performer, preventing muscle fatigue and injury are imperative. Jonathan accredits his recent increased level of strength and flexibility to his consistent practice of Manduu. These effects have made him “a more confident and consistent performer that is more able to give a performance replete with aplomb and ‘je ne sais quoi!’”

Jonathan encourages everyone to try Manduu, not just dancers. He assures, “Anyone can feel the benefits that Manduu provides with one session alone.” His biggest piece of advice to anyone interested in Manduu is consistency. In order to maintain the upward trajectory that Manduu facilitates, one must establish a regular, consistent practice.

Jonathan is also a licensed personal trainer with certifications from STOTT Pilates. He and his partner, Walter, live in East Memphis, along with their dog Miss Penny Lane. 

For more information or to schedule your first free session, visit Manduu.com or download the Manduu app.

By Halle Griggs

Photo by JoLaura Bell