Pediatric Speech Therapist and lifelong exercise enthusiast Taylor Allen shares how adding strength-training workouts to her routine has drastically changed her fitness game and relationship with health. 

T.R.A.P. Fitness 

Taylor has trained at T.R.A.P. Fitness with coach Alton for over three years. T.R.A.P. Fitness is a functional movement studio focusing on Teamwork, Resistance, Aerobics, and Plyometrics to help members build strength and dexterity and leave a lasting impact. 

Before training with Alton, Taylor was cycling and running six days a week and felt she had hit a plateau in her fitness goals. 

“My biggest challenge was getting enough protein and eating more,” she shares of dietary changes made to put on muscle and gain weight. Starting the day with a big breakfast helps Taylor reach her protein goals, a crucial element in making sustainable improvements. 

With the assistance of Alton, Taylor learned to make her meals denser without feeling heavy by incorporating things like peanut butter with oatmeal or fruit and honey with Greek yogurt. 

“I love seeing my numbers go up in weight at the gym, hitting new P.R.s, seeing changes in my body and all the muscle I’m putting on,” currently PRing her deadlifts at 260, assisted at 280. 

T.R.A.P. Fitness also helped Taylor transition from a restrictive mindset to an everything-in-moderation approach to food, including overcoming her carb fears. 

“I try to come from the mindset that my body deserves fuel and getting all the nutrients it needs, so I try my best to do that.” 

Small Changes Add Up 

“I learned to trust the process because you don’t see instant results overnight. It takes a lot of consistency and dedication, but you will see results.” 

Taylor first began noticing a change in her body about six months after starting with T.R.A.P. Fitness in the summer of 2021. She says her most drastic changes have started showing up within the past half year. 

“It’s really exciting to see my progress from where I started to where I am now.” With her new strength training regimen of thrice weekly T.R.A.P. sessions and one Cycle Bar class, Taylor finds better structure in her schedule. 


“I love the relationships I’ve built with everyone and the feeling of community I have there.” 

T.R.A.P. Fitness’ small group classes mean more opportunities for connection and building relationships. 

Whether it’s fellow teammates cheering her on when hitting a new P.R. or clapping together at the end of a challenging workout, Taylor and others always leave feeling pumped about fitness instead of viewing it as just another chore. 

“Find a form of movement that you enjoy because if you enjoy it, then there will be a greater chance that you’ll stick with it.” 

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By Shlomit Ovadia 

Photo by Tindall Stephens