When We Run

6:30 p.m. Wednesdays and 10:00 a.m. Sundays at Highpoint Climbing Gym

Where We Run

Wolf River Trails (Yellow, Blue, and White) – This trail system is great for beginners!

Other Local Trails to Try

Discovery Loop at T.O. Fuller State Park; Tour de Wolfe Trail at Shelby Farms; Woodland Trail & Chickasaw Bluff Trail at Meeman-Shelby Forest; Stanky Creek Trails at Nesbit Park; and the Yellow Loop at Herb Parsons

Why We Trail Run

Being outside in nature is amazing, and Memphis has some beautiful trail systems. It’s nice to be able to escape into the forest without driving too far.

Preventing Injury

[It] depends on the person, but anecdotally, the trail feels better on the joints. Pavement running doesn’t strengthen some of the side-to-side tiny muscles.

Is Tripping a Hazard?

Part of trail running is tripping. Even the professionals trip!

Bring Gloves

Once it dips under 50 degrees, gloves are good to keep handy. Cold fingers are no fun.

Trail Safety

It’s much less likely that you’ll get hit by a car running on the trail, but you still have to watch out for roots and wildlife.

Go-to Gear

Trail shoes, good lugs, and hydration!

For more information, head to their Instagram page at Instagram.com/TRAILTRIPPERS
6 or contact them at trailtrippersrunning@gmail.com.