33, Dentist & Group Fitness Instructor

Family: Dr. Nathan Johnson and son Davis Ransom Johnson (born 6/3/2021)

Where you can work out with me: I teach mat Pilates and Les Mills barre at Germantown Athletic Club

My favorite way to work out: I love dancing as well as running or walking out in the fresh air, but Pilates makes me feel the best. 

Biggest fitness myth: That you can target weight loss by using certain muscles. Weight loss is whole body. You can gain strength and definition in certain areas if you focus on them. 

Biggest nutrition myth: There’s a magic diet that will solve all your problems. Definitely try something you’re interested in as long as it’s safe, but if it’s something you can’t maintain, the results will be short lived. 

How much do you have to work out to maintain your fitness? It’s different for everyone. Since I just had a baby I’m trying to regain fitness so try to get up and move at least 10 minutes everyday. 

Most overlooked body part: Lungs and diaphragm. It’s not sexy, but if you get strong in your breathing you can do anything. Besides everything in life is easier with breathing… except maybe bobbing for apples. 

If I could have 1 piece of equipment, it would be: My Pilates mat—I take it with me everywhere! 

Favorite body part to train: Abdominal core. It has the largest variety of moves that work it, and you can incorporate it anytime and anywhere.

My fitness idol: The first-time participant or the one who is starting back on their fitness journey because that is the hardest thing to do. Taking that first step makes you the strongest you’ve ever been. 

My go-to snack: Fruit—I love fresh fruit!!!

Always in my fridge: Whipped cream—it goes on so many things and makes them feel fancier 

Best advice: I’m a huge believer in comprehensive care. You can’t neglect your mental, dental, physical, spiritual, or emotional health and be truly fit. Additionally, I train all my patients, participants, etc. to be their own advocate. Educate yourself on health, learn what you need, and don’t let anyone take advantage of you—especially you! Don’t abuse or neglect yourself. 

Photo by Tindall Stephens