46, Manager at OrthoSouth, Head Coach of Women Run Walk Memphis Beginner Runners

Family: Husband Alex, daughter Kayleigh, and two furry canine children Baxter and Bentley. 

Team Player: I’m a member of Memphis Thunder Racing and a White Hot Multisport athlete

Proudest Moment: Finishing IRONMAN Chattanooga. After that, anything is possible!

Next Challenge: MRTC Road Race Series

My Journey: I used to smoke a pack a day, was 90 pounds overweight, and could not walk up half a flight of stairs. I had to make a change, so I started walking in my neighborhood. One day I thought, “Maybe I can jog from this mailbox to that light pole.”  I did it. On my next walk, I jogged a little further. It continued like that for weeks—and the rest is history!

I <3 Triathlons: It is time to just be me—not be a mom, a wife, or an employee. It allows me to decompress, stay healthy, and meet and network with wonderful people while I am at it! 

My Inspiration: I was an overweight smoker not too long ago, and I promised myself I would never go back. That motivates and inspires me to keep going on my fitness journey. I want to be around to see my future grandchildren grow up! 

Bucket List: Would love to tackle another full IRONMAN one day and would love to run the Bourbon Chase again!

Fave Jam Song: Heavy by Collective soul

Best Eats: Huey’s! Burger and beer!

Fitness Pet-Peeve: Aggressive/rude vehicles on the roads during an event/training ride/run.

Indulgence: Red velvet cake—YUM

Motto: There will be a day I can’t do this; today is not that day.

Photo by Tindall Stephens