36, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Family: Husband Ben Rucker and two kids (ages 4 and 1.5)

Where you can workout with me: I’m a personal trainer, small group trainer, and cardio kickboxing instructor at The Kroc Center.

My Fave Workout: Climbing—hands down. I hate to even call it a workout. It’s more like an art form that brings profound joy to your soul and makes you forget all your worries. I’m so thankful for rock climbing gyms like Memphis Rox, making indoor climbing more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Biggest Fitness Myth: Women need to workout to stay thin, and not to be strong. 

Biggest Nutrition Myth: You have to eat a bunch of food with weird names, spend a fortune on supplements, or never feel satisfied in order to eat healthy. Eat real food as much as you can and allow yourself a few treats. 

How much do you have to work out to maintain your fitness? There is no magic number. However much time you can make to prioritize feeling your best is the right answer. When you have limited time, you tend to understand quality over quantity of exercise.

Most Overlooked Body Part: The transverse abdominis (TVA). This is the deepest layer of abdominal muscles that wraps around your internal organs like a corset. It stabilizes your spine, lower back, and other core musculature. I learned more about it after researching how to heal after childbirth. It’s extremely important to learn how to strengthen and reengage the TVA, especially for women postpartum, as weakness can cause low back pain, improper pelvic rotation, and a bulging abdominal wall—to name a few. 

If you could only have one piece of equipment what would it be? A kettlebell. I started using them quite recently, but I absolutely love the versatility and constant challenge they provide.

Favorite body part you like to train: Arms and back. Nothing makes you feel more like a superhero than a good arm pumping. 

My Fitness Idol: Ashley Keller. I discovered her free postnatal workouts on YouTube after having my first child. I started following her on Instagram and later purchased her 12-week postnatal program after child #2. I was immediately impressed by her extensive training knowledge, humble attitude, and deep care for seeing women and mothers be their best. Not to mention, she is a World Champion Half IRONMAN Triathlete, West Point grad, strong woman in Christ, military wife, mother of three (soon to be four), and just an all around badass who runs her own fitness business.

Go-To Snack: An apple and almonds or a banana and nut butter. Or whatever my kid wanted but later threw on the ground.

Always in My Fridge: Yogurt and applesauce

My Diet: I do my best mostly to eat a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and most meats and dairy products. I savor the rich and sweet in moderation. But sometimes a girl has to make sacrifices—you know, take one for the team and eat that whole tub of ice cream before her husband and kids do.

Photo by Tindall Stephens