34, Owner of Smith Spin

Family: Ryley Smith, age 7 

My favorite way to work out: Biking/spin is my go-to, but next would be long-distance running. Nothing is better than doing 10+ mile run, which helps me clear my head. I’m also passionate about lifting. I have seen such a change in my body. Recently, I participated in a local bodybuilding competition, and I credit lifting with the changes I saw in my body. I believe that a perfect balance of cardio and weightlifting is crucial to meet your fitness goals. 

Biggest fitness myth: People think that being skinny means you are in good shape. Having a good BMI and balance between growing muscles and still being in good cardio shape should be the goal. Both of these will help you have good heart health, increase your life expectancy, decrease depression, improve sleep, and overall make you. You may gain weight in number but muscle weighs more than fat. If you are liking how you are looking and feeling then that is the goal. 

Biggest nutrition myth: Less is more. Eating less isn’t better. If you are eating the right things—high protein, vegetables, and water—then eating more is better. Fueling your body with the right things will help build muscles. 

How much do you have to work out to maintain your fitness: I work out at least 5–6 times a week. I either go to ATC or LA Fitness to lift weights and do cardio, and of course I do my classes several times a week. My goal is to burn between 1200–1500 a day.

If you could only have one piece of equipment what would it be? For sure a spin bike. The movements that I do on the spin bike and speed give me a great full-body workout and one that I take my students through as well. 

Favorite body part you like to train: My favorite body part to train is my abs. It’s fascinating to see them change. It’s a perfect combination of what you can do in the kitchen and the gym. 

My fitness idol: Jay Cooper Personal Trainer at LA Fitness (IG @the_fit_coop). He is a long-time trainer specializing in body-building competitions. He trained me and did a fantastic job. He is dedicated to his clients and practices what he preaches.

Go-to snack: Almonds—high in protein and very filling. 

Always in my fridge: Eggs, which are high in protein and so good for you. 

My diet: The best combo diet for me is low sodium, high protein, no sugar, and lots of vegetables and water. I almost never drink alcohol. I avoid high-sugar sodas and stick to either sparkling water or flavored water.

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Photo by Tindall Stephens