Isaac Stock lives a bi-coastal life, splitting his time between sunny Costa Mesa, California, and his hometown, Memphis, Tennessee. Isaac grew up in Memphis with his parents, brother, and sister. Growing up, Isaac was known as “Big Ike” until one summer changed that.

At age 13, Isaac began jogging. His short, slow runs gradually became longer and faster, and he started eating healthier. Isaac lost 90 pounds that summer. He adopted an active lifestyle and has never looked back.

Running was Isaac’s movement of choice until a knee injury in college ended it. He then found weight training, which quickly became a passion. Isaac even changed his undergraduate major from psychology to kinesiology.


Isaac graduated from college during the recession when jobs for recent grads were few and far between. His father, Morris Stock, was facing health issues. Isaac decided to move back to Memphis to help run his father’s business, Airways Iron and Metal Company.

His father trained him on the ins and outs of the business. He explains, “My dad was a pioneer of the old school, and I was able to help bring the business into the technological age.” Isaac stayed in Memphis for six years until he felt called for a change.

After making friends from Los Angeles on a mission trip, Isaac decided California was the next stop on his journey. So he packed his belongings and his dog, Alfred, and headed west but continued to run the family company remotely.


In California, Isaac discovered yoga. “Yoga introduced me to meditation and breath work. It’s more than the poses – it has empowered me to tackle things that were holding me back from being my best self.”

Isaac loved the practice so much that he began a part-time job at the studio, checking in students and cleaning floors, which soon led to him completing yoga teacher training. He continues, “Yoga opened my eyes and helped me understand that while we may feel isolated, we’re all just human beings trying to figure it out.”

While building a life in California, Isaac continued to make frequent trips back to Memphis for business and to visit with his dad, who he describes as his best friend, as his health declined further. However, these visits began to take a toll a toll on Isaac.


While home on one of these visits, Isaac discovered an F45 Training Gym in Germantown. “I was so excited to see F45 in Memphis. The team was extremely welcoming. They didn’t know that I was distraught and barely functioning outside those doors. F45 became a safe space for me.”

Isaac told the studio owners how much he enjoyed the studio and that they were lucky to own such a great gym. They shared that they hoped to sell the gym to spend more time with their children. It was then that Isaac decided to take a chance.

Sadly his father passed away, which devastated Isaac and his family. However, his passing also put Isaac in a position to invest. Isaac knew he wanted that investment to be in Memphis’s health and fitness community, and in April 2021, Isaac purchased F45 Germantown.

The past year has been full of challenges for Isaac. While still splitting time between two time zones, he continues to be president of his family’s company while running the gym and navigating the grief process. But Isaac has persevered.

Isaac is now finding his rhythm as a gym owner. He hired a general manager, which has been a great asset. Isaac jokes, “I certainly have a few more grey hairs than last year. I didn’t realize how much I had to learn, but I am so thankful. I continue to grow as a person and am meeting the most amazing people.”


F45 classes are high-intensity, group classes that last 45-minutes. Isaac explains, “It doesn’t matter if it’s your first day or a professional athlete. You can scale the workout to your own abilities, and our coaches will help you do that,” he says.

“I want the gym to be a safe place for others like it was for me. Starting a workout routine can be daunting, but all fitness levels are welcome. Come as you are,” Isaac says.

With two businesses in Memphis, one may wonder why Isaac spends time traveling back and forth from California. The yoga community and two special people play a big part – Isaac’s partner, Angharad Ames, and his little brother Shane, who he mentors through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County program.

Looking forward, Isaac is eager to see where the journey takes him. He says, “I’m excited to see the health and fitness scene grow in Memphis, and I’m proud to be a part of it.” Wherever the journey takes Isaac next, there’s no doubt his dad is proud of him.

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By Morgan Stritzinger
Photo by Tindall Stephens