Dr. Helen Ly is a board-certified neurologist and founder of Brain Body Balance TMS in East Memphis. She has been offering cutting-edge brain therapy that effectively alleviates depression and anxiety and helps with cognitive enhancement. 

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, is a non-invasive, electromagnetic brain stimulation therapy that can neuromodulate the brain for optimal acuity and train it back to “mental homeostasis.” In other words, TMS helps the brain recover and restore function. Dr. Ly uses a newer form of TMS technology called theta burst stimulation. Theta burst stimulation is a more efficient version of TMS that can deliver results in 10–14 days instead of 6 weeks with traditional TMS. 

Since she opened her TMS practice in 2021, Dr. Ly has more than doubled her clientele and boasts an over 90% success rate in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

“I’ve also found it to be beneficial for PTSD as well as post-concussion recovery,” she adds.

By helping the brain heal and tuning it up for optimal performance, TMS concurrently also aids memory, sleep, focus and concentration.

Recently, Dr. Ly began collaborating with a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist to provide more comprehensive care for her patients. 

TMS is an option for those looking for a tune-up for their brains. “Several clients don’t necessarily have mood or behavioral health disorders but want to keep mentally sharp to keep up with everything going on with their lives.” Dr. Ly adds. “As we age, things naturally slow down, including our brain function. TMS can help maintain brain performance.”

An average of 10 sessions in close succession tends to elicit a robust treatment response from the brain. “We’re rebuilding synaptic connections between brain cells to help them communicate and perform. It’s like going to the gym regularly to build strength and fitness. The more frequent and consistent you go, the quicker and better the results.”

TMS is safe, and there are no sedatives or drugs involved. However, due to strong magnetic exposure, those with pacemakers, brain stents, or implantable devices in the brain cannot undergo TMS. 

“You feel a tapping sensation over the frontal and sides of the head. Patients have full control over the intensity of the treatment, so it’s very tolerable.” Sometimes, patients will fall asleep because they feel so relaxed while reclining in a comfortable chair. The TMS service is available out of pocket, but the practice hopes to accept insurance soon.

Brain Body Balance TMS is located at 529 North Highland, 38122. For inquiries about TMS, please call 901.249.2154. 

By Shlomit Ovadia