69, Retired, St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan.

Long Haul: Running competitively started for me in the 1970s. My first competitive event was a 5-miler at the Schlitz Belle and Brewery.  

Most Memorable Run: 1st Place and one of the most improbable was winning my age group in the 2019 Death Valley Marathon. Beautiful course with wind and rain. I was the only one in my age group to finish. The race was on an open highway where temps get up to 130 degrees. 

Favorite Weekend Warrior Event: The 200-mile Ragnar bring all sorts of challenges, including logistics and sleep deprivation. I have completed seven. Thirty sleepless hours and three earlier runs of two hours, I had an epiphany that I was okay. I did not have to worry anymore about the next step being the last.

Virtual Running:I am participating in the Memphis Runners Virtual Road Race Series. 

Runner’s High: When I go out and stress myself with a decent effort…my head clears; call it endorphins, but I definitely settle and relax. Running is relatively inexpensive and the return on health and overall fitness is remarkable. 

Inspiration: Cardiac Athletes inspire me. In Lars Andrews’ book Cardiac Athletes, he assembled an international collection of athletic people who survived major heart events, procedures, and repair only to return to high levels of fitness against odds and often against medical advice. This book got me going again. The second book, Cardiac Athletes—Advance of the Ambassadors, contains the personal sagas of 26 individuals who have experienced heart events, of which I am humbly one.  

Best Eats: The Rendezvous. I enjoy the ribs straight, no sauce. The slaw is special. Ask Gino to make you one of his ham sandwiches for lunch on Saturday. I want some of my ashes sprinkled in the alley while my friends share a cheese and sausage plate.

Deserted Island Reads: I am a big fan of James Lee Burke’s Neon Rain, Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose, and Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  

Mantra: “Run” on my Road I.D., there you have it.