Bio: 18, Freshman at Northwest Mississippi Community College; Parents Marquee & Tiffany Hall, brother Sebastian.

Inaugural Race: My first race was the 2017 St. Jude Half Marathon (2:36). I ran the Atlantic City Marathon in 4:55. And the Chick-fil-a 5K.

Group Runs: I run with Breakaway Running Group whenever my mom takes me.

Favorite WW Event: St. Jude because it’s St. Jude.  

I <3 Running: The more you run, the less strenuous it becomes and the more you can enjoy it. 

Motivation: The need to stay active and healthy.

Inspiration: There is an ultramarathon runner I admire named David Goggins.

Running Goal: A sub-4-hour marathon at least once.

Obstacle Course: I had a foot injury two weeks prior to my marathon so I had to rest. I was used to running daily at that point. This led to me developing cramps in my thighs that I had to endure for about 16 miles of the race. 

Pastime: My favorite thing to do in Memphis is watching plays. And I like playing the keyboard and video games.

Favorite Food:  Funnel cakes

Favorite Subject: Math because it’s fun to find out how to do problems.

Post-College Plans: Become a registered nurse