Bio: 40; Musician, Piano Teacher, Pilates Instructor, and Symphony League Member; Son, Ethan (sophomore at CBHS).

Inaugural Race: The 2007 Nike Marathon in San Francisco was my first race. Why my first competitive distance was 26.2 is a story for another time. A year later, a friend gave me the MRTC Road Race Series for a birthday present and that’s when I ran my first 5K, 10K, and 13.1 

I <3 Running: I love how honest it is to lace up a pair of shoes and go; it’s just you, the ground, and the road ahead.  

Longevity: I love the way my body feels and the balance it creates in life. It is truly amazing what is accomplishable when you put your mind to it. Plus, I plan on living to 100, having blue hair, and causing a ruckus in the neighborhood.  

Inspiration: Bree (Wee) Brown—triathlete, mom, educator. I first saw her race in Iron Man Florida. She smiled the entire day and her positive energy was contagious.

Favorite Getaway: Interlochen, Michigan, where I attended a boarding school for music. It is called the “Dream City of Youth.” For my 20th reunion I rented a cabin on the lake, and each morning I made French press coffee and would take a morning run through campus. I was greeted with the fresh smell of pine trees and distant sounds of young musicians practicing… truly my happy place.  

Best Eats:  “No Menu Monday” at Andrew Michael. I love the element of surprise, the staff is excellent, and the wine pairing is informative and delicious.   

Passion: I am passionate about sharing arts education with the youth of Memphis. My first teaching job after moving home was on the opening faculty at Stax Academy. There is nothing comparable to seeing a young student enjoy playing music for the first time.  

Spirit animal: Swan

Quote: “Dedicated to the Promotion of World Friendship through the Universal Language of the Arts.”—Mission and Governance of The Interlochen Arts Academy