31, Registered Nurse at Mays & Schnapp Neurospine and Pain

Family: Husband, Willie, and 4-year-old dog, Stevie

Recent Wins: Fortitude Trail Race 25K in Sept 2020, 1st place Female. Big River Crossing Half Marathon in Nov 2020, 2nd place Female.

The Race I Won’t Forget: I somehow convinced my sister to fly to Henderson, Nevada to do a trail race with me. She did the half marathon while I did the full. We ended up running together for part of the race and I was so proud of her for finishing with little training and never having worn trail shoes before.

Next Up: This will be the first year in over 10 years that I will not be racing because I am pregnant. However, I still continue to run and lift weights. I hope to do another ultramarathon in the future.

Obstacle Course: I suffered from Achilles tendonitis for years. There was a point where I could not run more than 6 miles without it hurting me. I met with a wonderful physical therapist who provided a very simple but effective solution. Strengthen your hips and glutes. Since then, I have incorporated warmup exercises without fail before any run and I have not had any issues since.

My Inspiration: My husband. He convinced me that I could run my first half marathon, marathon, and ultramarathon. He is also an avid runner and is always telling me I am much more capable than I think I am.

Favorite Shoes: Brooks Ghost (road) and La Sportiva Bushido (trail)

Best Eats: Bedrock Eats & Sweets. Their Brisket Waffle Benedict is so good.

On My Nightstand: The Naturalist by Andrew Mayne

Pet Peeve: When people start in the first running corral (usually reserved for elite/fast runners) and then you pass them while they’re walking a half mile later.

Indulgence: Potato chips and ice cream

Bingeing: Game of Thrones

Motto: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”—Napoleon Hill

Photo by Tindall Stephens