32, Director of External Affairs for Memphis River Parks Partnership

Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: Even though I’ve won races since, my favorite accomplishment is completing my first half marathon (Miami 2018) in under two hours. Before then, running had always been a pain and something that I (occasionally) forced myself to do just to stay fit. Training for that race and managing to beat my goal was the first time that I really “got” running, and it’s spurred me to make it a key piece of my daily life now. 

Most Memorable Run: Maybe recency bias but I’d say the Big River Crossing 5K last year. It was one of the first races to return to in-person and it felt so good to be back among people again! And, I won my age group so that was a nice bonus!

Up Next: I am signed up for St. Jude, but my sister is signed up for the Gothenburg half marathon in September, and I am very tempted to travel to Europe to race with her.

I <3 Running: For such a simple sport, running is so versatile. You can use a long, gentle run as an opportunity to think and wrestle through complex problems, or you can run a quick 5K with some energetic music to pound out the frustrations of the day. No matter what’s going on in your life, once you’re on the trail, track, path, whatever, it’s just you competing with yourself in whatever way your body needs at that time. 

Bucket List: I grew up in London, so it would have to be running the London marathon.

Must-Have Gear: I like to run with my phone so I can record my workouts and listen to music, but I hate the bands that weigh your arm down. The best item I’ve found to carry things with you while you run is the Flipbelt. It keeps things secure without affecting your stride/weight at all.

Bingeing: I just discovered Drive to Survive, and it’s a fascinating look behind the scenes at F1—a sport I used to think was impenetrable and boring. 

Best Eats: I’m a big fan of the healthy and fresh food at Edge Alley. Avocado toast is a great weekend brunch go-to.  

On My Nightstand: A little fluffy, but Emily Henry’s Beach Read has one of the best descriptions of love that I have read to date. And Ted Chiang’s book of short stories, Exhalation, is a thrilling collection of interesting sci-fi.

Fitness Pet Peeve: People that don’t wipe off the machines at the gym—gross!

Indulgence: Cookies! Miss Cordelia’s homemade chocolate chip and coconut cookies are THE BEST.

Photo by Tindall Stephens