46, Accountant 

Team Player: I’m an ambassador of Black Girls Run! Memphis 

Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: Pacing the Little Rock Marathon for two years. I never thought I would be a runner or marathoner, and didn’t have pacer on my radar. It was such a joy to have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. 

The Run I’ll Never Forget: The Detroit Free Press Marathon was my first. I registered for the half marathon, but decided at the last minute to change to the full. I wasn’t a runner while I lived in Detroit, so it was great to run for the first time in my hometown through all of the neighborhoods I grew up in. Running from Detroit to Canada and back was amazing.  

What’s Next: CHF Race for HOPE, Little Rock Marathon, and St. Jude 4-race challenge (5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon) 

I <3 Running: I love that all shapes, sizes, and ages can lace up to hit the pavement—and that the running community encourages and celebrates your accomplishments whether it is running to lose weight, running a race for the first time, finishing a particular distance, achieving a personal best, or working on a bucket list to run in all of the states. I appreciate the friends who have encouraged the last runner in the group to keep going during training and races, and that Black Girls Run! lives up to the motto of No Woman Left Behind.   

Motivation: Keeping up with my 3-year-old daughter Zanna, who is full of energy, likes to run, and gets so excited when she can work out with me.  

Speed Bumps: I’ve always been on a roller coaster ride with weight and healthy eating. With the demands of working overtime along with gaining weight, I stopped working out and running, so now I am back on the journey of losing weight and training for another marathon. 

Playlist: I love listening to ‘90s hip hop when I run.

Bingeing: YouTube videos on home organizing and on improving running/racing 

Running Pet Peeve: The idea that runners have to look a certain way or run at a certain pace to be considered a “real” runner. As long as you are making an effort to walk, run, or do any exercise, whether it’s to improve your health or for enjoyment, then you are winning and that should be not only encouraged but celebrated.  

Extravagance: Colorful running shoes and clothes, so that I match from head to toe. 

Photo by Tindall Stephens