65, Owner of Car Wash Services, Inc., Volunteer for Girls On The Run (coaching spring 2020)

I started running at age 51 when I had developed Osteopenia. I heard that running helps keep bones strong so it made sense to learn. My first race was with the Women Run Memphis program with MRTC, the graduation 5K. It gave me a glimpse of what was to become my passion.

In April, I ran the Frisco 50K and ran the KATY Trail 50/50 in August—both age-group wins. I just completed 82 miles of the Tunnel Hill 100, my second attempt at 100 miles. Last year was my first try which ended at 87 miles. Once again, I was awarded the belt buckle for the 50-mile race. I run happiest up to 50 miles. This was my fifth official 50-mile finish.

The Lean Horse 50 in South Dakota is by far my favorite race. The Black Hills, the prairie dogs that pop up and disappear, the beautiful Mickelson Trail, Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore…  Plus we went glamping at Under Canvas! The entire trip was wonderful.

I love trail running especially on dirt. Sylamore 50K is one of the most scenic and challenging races I’ve experienced. 

I love the endorphin high that comes with running, the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy nature, and the terrific friends I’ve made over the miles and years. 

I don’t run with music because I love to hear nature, hear others along the way, and my own footsteps and breath. For me to be out in nature is spiritual and lowers the busyness of life down to a happy hum.

Besides my dad, my husband greatly inspires me. He has transformed himself from being unfit into a very fit athlete that has successfully completed two Half IRONMANS! 

My favorite thing after a really long run is a healthy Huey burger with extra pickles, onion rings, and a root beer! 

My spirit animal would be the hummingbird because it symbolizes enjoyment of life, playfulness, and resilience.


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