Runner, 36, Executive Assistant at Kemmons Wilson Companies, 92A member of the TN Army National Guard 230th EN BN.


I love to run, sprinting included, as well as lifting weights.


I have a 10-year-old son named Tristan Colenberg. He is my everything!


I have participated in the CHF Hope for Foundation 5K, Cooper-Young 4-Miler, Harbortown 5K, and St. Jude Half Marathon. I am running in the Cooper-Young 4-Miler and the St. Jude Half Marathon this year too.


I am a member/assistant coach of the AAU youth track team, Kholen Cheetahs, which is based in Olive Branch. We have 20 athletes (ages 8-18) that will participate in the 2018 Junior Olympics.


I have always been a sprinter so when I ran my first half marathon, and didn’t stop, I felt very accomplished. I even placed in the top 10 of my age groupThis race taught me how to overcome mental barriers and the importance of purchasing good running shoes. The stylish Nikes I wore during the race had my knees aching for days.


I love that running and weightlifting transform me physically and mentally. Regardless of how I feel, I will always feel great after a good run or weightlifting session. Maintaining a good balance of running and weightlifting keeps me looking and feeling young.


If I had to label one restaurant as my favorite, it would definitely be Humdingers. I eat the same thing every time: grilled salmon with the grilled sweet potato slices and a glass of water. I can’t get enough of it! 


My son is what motivates me to stay fit! As a mother, I believe it is important to teach my son at an early age how to live a healthy lifestyle. Each morning, he runs a mile with me or goes to the gym with his father. It isn’t always easy but is definitely necessary.