53, Pediatrician with Pediatrics East in Germantown 

I run for fun and for health reasons. I started running long distance about six years ago at 48. Before that, my children were too young for me to train for hours to run half or full marathons. 

I ran the St. Jude Half Marathon in December 2019. 

The St. Jude Marathon weekend is my favorite event. Being a pediatrician and having trained at LeBonheur, I did some of my training at St. Jude. I think it is an amazing place. The event supports these brave kids fighting life threatening diseases. 

I run 10 to 12 miles a week. I love how I feel when I run and how I feel when I finish. The mental satisfaction is addicting. 

I want to practice what I preach to my patients. I want to be a good role model. 

My father is my fitness role model. He always exercised. He was the captain of his college tennis team. Even at age 85, he walked four miles a day to stay fit. 

I had a bulging disc in my lower back two years ago. I ran the St. Jude Half six weeks after a steroid shot in my spine. I also have annoying shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and bad knees. 

I love to travel to places I have never been to before. Also, we love Telluride, Colorado. We go skiing every year. 

I love Erling Jensen’s cooking, and he orders meat that I can eat from a special farm. The chocolate soufflé is amazing. 

I have a sweet tooth. I don’t drink or smoke, but I love all desserts! 

Interview by Hailey Thomas
Photo by Tindall Stephens