60, Solutions Architect with Presidio Networked Solutions, and volunteer at the Mid-South Trails Association 

I’ve been cycling all my life. I got serious in 2013 and competed in my first criterium a few years ago. 

The Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club’s Dirty in the Dark Mountain Bike Ride on Thursday nights during the cycling season is my favorite ride. I love the technical aspects it takes to navigate the trails. I feel like it helps your overall cycling skills. 

I love the never-ending adventures of biking. 

Staying fit motivates me to stay fit. 

All my cycling friends inspire me to be like the Six Million Dollar Man—Better…Stronger…Faster!! 

I lost over 80 pounds by cycling, quitting carbonated drinks, and eating better. I have never broken any bones cycling, but it’s not like I haven’t tried. 

“I love the never-ending adventures of biking.” 

I love the Smoky Mountains. The mountains and valleys are breathtaking. There are so many beautiful places to ride bikes like Cades Cove! 

High Point Pizza on High Point Terrace north of the Greenline is a great SAG stop. I get the Logan Special—sausage pizza cooked lightly with some sweet tea and lemonade. 

Sweet Tea is my Kryptonite! 

I love NASCAR racing and collecting trading cards. I’ve been collecting as long as I have been riding bikes. 

Wolverine, X-Men, Logan is my spirit animal. Get It? 

Interview by Hailey Thomas
Photo by Tindall Stephens