40, Law Office of Sterling Owens, Volunteer Legal Consultant for Crosstown Memphis CDC.

Long Haul: I have been running competitively off and on since my days running track for White Station High School.

Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: Learning how to rock climb earlier this year, prior to the pandemic, at Memphis Roc. For me, rock climbing was a great way to conquer my fear of heights, and the core strengthening was great for running, posture, and fitness overall.

Last Road Race: Res Judicata 5K (raising money for local legal assistance programs) and St. Jude 5K.

Virtual Running: I am signed up as a hero for the St. Jude Half Marathon this year, which will be held virtually. 

Runner’s High: I love the total mind-body-spirit fitness that running can provide. The repeated and rhythmic nature of longer distance running is great for meditation and/or relaxation. 

Inspiration: Fitness is simply something wholesome that I enjoy. Much like reading and music, I could not imagine life without a focus on fitness and health.

Obstacle Course: When I was 29 I injured my knee playing sports and was advised that I would need knee surgery by the time I was 40. Well the big day came and went, and I am now running longer distances with consistently fast times more comfortably. By the way, never had that knee surgery.

Slush Crush: My favorite curbside beverage since the pandemic started is hands down the Jameson slushie from Slider Inn.

Deserted Island Tunes & Reads: As far as books, I would take Plato’s The Republic, and BB King & Eric Clapton’s album, “Riding with the King,” and likely Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. 

Quote I <3:  “Be the change you want to see.”—Mahatma Gandhi.