48, Chief Executive Officer at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital and an Occupational Therapist.

I’ve run my whole life but primarily shorter distances. It was only four years ago that I started running longer distances. I just finished my fourth St. Jude Half Marathon.

I love running the St. Jude race. It’s a gift to our community; the research that is generated here is incredible, and raising money to support families is an honor.

For me, running helps me stay focused, reduces my stress, and keeps my heart healthy. I couldn’t do it without my running buddies. 

I love playing soccer and I play in a women’s Ieague now. I grew up playing sports and being on teams, and it’s great to be on a team again with incredible women. The U.S. Women’s Soccer team is my inspiration.

I try to stay fit for my family. I work in rehabilitation and I see the impact that poor health can have on families.

My next race is the Hill and Dale 8 Miler this month.

When I’m not working, I’m with my family. My husband and I love to watch our kids do what they do, so we spend a lot of time traveling and watching our son play soccer. My daughter is a junior this year, so I spend time with her whenever she lets me!   

My twin sister and her family live in Maine, so that’s my favorite place to go.

Nachos from Sweetgrass/Next Door are my indulgence!

This year I’ve worked very hard to not compare myself to others, and I have focused on just being the best version of myself. I’ve got a very long way to go, but I’m a lot happier with myself.