Triathlete, 41, Solutions Advisor for FedEx Services


I am a member of Memphis Thunder Racing Sports Team and do various training rides with them. I also worked with the WhiteHot Multisport Coach and team in my Ironman training last year. I recently joined the MJCC and participate in the Master’s Swim sessions.


My most recent event was my first Ironman in Louisville in October 2017. I finished in the top 20% even though I didn’t place.


My most memorable and favorite fitness accomplishment has been the Ironman because of the amount of dedication and support from my family that it took to reach the finish line. The finisher’s chute and atmosphere are almost indescribable!


What I love most about competing in triathlons is the camaraderie and willingness to help each other even though we are competing. No matter where you place, the end goal is to be stronger and faster than you were the day before. This community is great at helping each other reach goals and overcoming obstacles.


My next race is the Memphis in May amateur challenge, which combines the Memphis in May Sprint race and Olympic race.


A few of my favorite places around Memphis are Restaurant Iris, Local, or Curry Bowl Indian Cuisine for the lunch buffet.


I started triathlons after I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. I suffered for several years before I finally started exercising with a goal to complete a sprint race. After that, I was hooked. I overcame this through my faith in God, exercise, a change in diet, and my family’s support.


I bought my dream bike when I decided to do the Ironman— a Trek Speed Concept. It definitely helped me complete my race.


The old adage that kept me going through the Ironman and training is: “You’ve got to figure out how comfortable you can be being uncomfortable.”

By Hailey Thomas. Photo by Philip Murphy