Runner, 48, Physician at Mid-South Internal Medicine


My most memorable accomplishment was placing 3rd overall among women in the New York Long Island Marathon when I was a college freshman.


I love to get out in nature and go on a run when the weather is nice.


A desire to be healthy and feel good motivates me to stay fit.


My husband and I would like to go on a cycling trip along the Katy trail in Missouri.


My favorite restaurant in Memphis is River Oaks Grill in East Memphis. I love the salmon with cauliflower risotto.


If I could have dinner with anyone famous, it would probably be Jesus because I have so many questions about life and death that I would love to ask him.


I was an extra in the opening scene of the movie “The Firm” with Tom Cruise.


I binge watched all seven seasons of Madmen and was so sad when I finished them.


I love chocolate!


“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” 


Interview by Hailey Thomas

Photo by Philip Murphy