Get your daily dose of movement at the newly-opened Dose Hot HIIT Pilates & Yoga with one of the founders and lead instructor Rachel Hornish. Combining her passion for preventative health with workouts geared to optimize body functionality and reduce inflammation, the future family Nurse Practitioner brings a refreshing perspective to the health and wellness space. 

The Journey 

Rachel recounts how her initial love for yoga began during eight years spent working as a nurse, four of those being in a high-stress environment of the cardiovascular ICU. 

“Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates was my escape and how I would relax and clear my mind after a 12-14 hour shift.” 

Six months into her practice, the highly-active collegiate athlete’s chronic sciatic nerve pain — which had accumulated from a 15-year stint in competitive cheer and tumbling — virtually disappeared. 

Rachel now holds a Level 2 Certification in Inferno Hot Pilates for nearly six years and life-changing immersive training experiences in Bali, Indonesia. 

“What’s great about Pilates is it’s a full-body workout that targets both large and small muscle groups you may not normally workout when strength training, enhancing posture, flexibility, and range of motion.” 

The structure of her classes adopts the same yogic mindfulness, beginning and ending with a brief meditative Shavasana to clear the mind and set intentions for a more fulfilling workout. 

The Space 

Located in the Medicine Factory of Memphis’ South Main Arts District, the spacious, 50-person studio is heated by infrared panels with added humidity, bringing the sauna and steam room together for the optimal health experience. 

Infrared heat provides countless benefits, from reducing tension and joint pain, improving circulation and metabolism, and even strengthening the immune system. 

Its ability to penetrate at the cellular level increases the circulation of oxygenated blood for quicker muscle recovery and metabolic waste removal. 

“I want nothing more than to help people be proactive instead of reactive about their health, to help prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders which can be exacerbated from inflammation in the body.” 

The flooring is made from 100% recycled, antimicrobial dense foam, designed to cushion your impact while holding poses like forearm plank. And, with its chic dark walls, tasteful lighting, and full-body mirrors, the studio’s interior creates a boutique-like experience for patrons. 

Within three months of operation, Dose Hot HIIT Pilates & Yoga has already been voted one of Memphis’ top three Pilates studios. 

“The good thing about Pilates is its low impact, making it suitable for various fitness levels.” The workouts are HIIT style but move slower to allow for enhanced mental focus and body awareness. 

The space offers a variety of classes that include Hot Power Vinyasa, Classic Hot, Restorative Sound Healing, Yin Yoga, and Inferno Hot Pilates with and without weights. 

To compound wellness results, Rachel recommends a balanced diet, increased water intake, and minimizing inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, and alcohol. 

As someone who has well-managed Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease, the medical professional says, “I’ve learned in my personal health and fitness journey to embrace the challenges, stay committed, and never lose sight of your ultimate goal — feeling good both physically and mentally.” IG: @dosepilatesyoga 

By Shlomit Ovadia 

Photo by Tindall Stephens