Only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week. The Memphis community boasts several ways to get active—from spin classes and nature trails to accessible facilities like the local YMCAs and tennis centers run by Tennis Memphis. There is something for everyone looking to stay fit in the Bluff City.

Tennis Memphis has been the leader, supporter, and advocate for public tennis in Memphis since 2001. It manages all seven of the City of Memphis tennis centers that total 62 courts, some of which are indoors, making for a great workout all year long. With locations spread out across the 901, a diverse group of families and individuals have access to the programming and services the nonprofit offers, including tennis instruction, clinics, camps, and more. 

Tennis Memphis offers programs for free and at reduced costs to over 80% of its youth participants. The coaches and tennis professionals work not only as instructors but also as mentors to the children. Tennis and Tutoring is where kids participate in an hour of tennis and an hour of hands-on help with school work. Junior Team Tennis allows them to participate in matches and tournaments alongside their peers.

The programming Tennis Memphis offers isn’t just for the kids, though! The organization has permanent court time, adult leagues, clinics, tournaments, and more for all ages and skill levels. In fact, almost a dozen players in their 90s take advantage of the Senior Tennis program where they are able to play in matches and tournaments. They are excellent examples of what staying continuously active can do for the mind and body.

Tennis Memphis encourages children and families to participate in the sport for the health benefits and to help build confidence and leadership skills. Tennis is truly a lifelong sport. Pick up a racquet and head down to one of the facilities. It’s never too late or too soon to start!

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