Isha Foundation, an international nonprofit organization, is offering the Inner Engineering Total program, a technology for well-being derived from the science of yoga, on January 30 – February 2, 2020, at the Holiday Inn Southeast Memphis/Germantown, 7730 Centennial Drive, Memphis, TN 38125. The free introductory talk is on Thursday evening, January 30. 

Scientific studies and surveys have found significant improvement in the mental and emotional state of Inner Engineering practitioners. Health benefits include decreased depression and anxiety, improved sleep, and relief from chronic ailments such as headaches; migraines; back pain; and asthma.

 “As there is a science and technology to create external well-being, there is a whole dimension of science and technology for inner well-being,” says Sadhguru—a yogi, visionary, and designer of Inner Engineering. It’s offered as a comprehensive course for personal growth that brings about a shift in the way participants perceive and experience life, work, and the world. It imparts practical wisdom and powerful yogic practices to manage the body, mind, emotions, and fundamental life energy within. 

The Inner Engineering Total program includes a 21-minute meditation practice called Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, which is a powerful and purifying energy technique that incorporates the breath. Scientific studies and surveys have found significant improvement in the mental and emotional state of Shambhavi practitioners. Research has shown the practice of Shambhavi has resulted in better focus, greater joy, happiness, and inner peace. A study at the University of California San Diego found a significant reduction in stress and anxiety, and more than 3 million Inner Engineering practitioners enjoy better health, deeper sleep, improved mental clarity, and better relationships.

The Inner Engineering Total Program is offered through an Isha Yoga Instructor trained by Sadhguru on January 30 and 31 from 6:30–9:45 pm, and full days on the following Saturday and Sunday, February 1 and 2. Meals are included on Saturday and Sunday. The program is open to everyone age 14 and up. No prior yoga experience or physical agility is required.

More information about the program and a registration link can be found at, by email at, or calling 901.300.0706.