Let’s face it: people tend to gain a few pounds over the holidays, especially during the colder months. After all, it’s a time for drinking eggnog, snuggling under a warm blanket, and watching holiday movies with family and friends, right? But why do we stop MOVING during the holidays? 

This holiday season, the Memphis River Parks Partnership invites you to bundle up and stay active on the Mississippi River at Tom Lee Park! Here’s how: 

WALK & TALK: Throw on a coat, grab a hot cocoa from the Paper Plate Pavilion or Ben & Jerry’s, and enjoy some fresh air by walking in Tom Lee Park. The 31-acre park is the perfect place to reflect on your year and prepare for the new one. It’s a great way to connect with friends and walk off some of those second helpings!

PLAY LIKE NO ONE’S WATCHING: Pull on those gloves, grab a basketball, and play a pick-up game underneath the Sunset Canopy, or bring the kids to the playground at Tom Lee Park. There have never been so many fun ways to explore river creatures, slides, and zip lines. 

WORK IT OUT: Did you know Tom Lee Park has an outdoor gym? From pull-ups to climbing and more, you can get a REAL workout in our Fitness Zones. 

ROLL ON THE RIVER: Push your loved one’s wheelchair or stroller, or rent a bike from Explore Bike Share to ride the River Line, a connected path that runs from one river park to the next. You can start at Greenbelt Park and ride to Big River Crossing and back!

RUN, RUN, RUDOLPH: This might be the most challenging of the proposed activities, but who says you can’t take a break after a sprint or two? Get that heart rate up and earn that slice of pie!

Remember, just 30 minutes of activity per day can reduce stress, combat weight gain, and boost mood and energy levels. 


There are so many ways to enjoy Tom Lee Park this season. You can even enjoy other festive events at the park over the next few months. So, stay plugged into our social channels to learn more: @memriverparks 

And don’t forget to tag us and check in at Tom Lee Park so we can share your photos!

By Candace A. Gray for Memphis River Parks Partnership