Volunteer Botanicals, founded by Memphian Jason Pickle, introduces a new era of cannabis edibles with their product, Tipsy Tabs. These sublingual edibles, or “Tabs,” provide a consistent, zero-calorie high without including sugars, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. Jason lived in California for 15 years and saw how much the THC industry benefitted the people there. The “California Sober” lifestyle of giving up alcohol but consuming marijuana is spreading throughout the country for those who are tired of drinking but looking for a way to unwind. Volunteer Botanicals, ranked by Business Insider magazine as a top Cannabis “Movers and Shakers” for 2023, provides a new wave of edibles to the Memphis community and beyond. 

The state-of-the-art technology at Volunteer Botanicals, backed by a board of scientists and pharmacists, turns botanical oils into powder. Once in a powdered form, it can be reconstituted to other forms to make consistent, reproducible hemp-based products. Tipsy Tabs are a proprietary blend of four types of THCs to form one 25-milligram tablet, which is scored so the customer knows exactly how much they are getting each time. This is in contrast to other edibles as we know them today, which are commonly filled with sugar and other unhealthy fillers and are often incredibly potent to satisfy consumers trying to get the highest potencies possible. These deficiencies lead to inconsistent experiences and low-quality products. 

“Tipsy Tabs are perfect for the yoga mom, soccer dad, or functional working parents who never really tried cannabis or tried a full THC gummy and got way too blasted,” explains VP of Sales and Memphian Matt Hale. “Take a little for anxiety, or take a little more for going out with friends. The consistency of Tipsy Tabs gives you a chance to find your sweet spot.”

Tipsy Tabs are available in liquor stores in Memphis and across the mid-south. They are currently in over 100 Tennessee stores and will continue expanding. Visit their website, gettipsy.co, to find Tipsy Tabs sold near you!

Photo by Tindall Stephens