53; Optometrist and Director for Externship and Residency Programs for Southern College of Optometry

I LOVE RUNNING: I love running mainly for the endorphins it releases. It makes me feel strong, capable, and able to achieve what most cannot or will not. The best run is alone with my thoughts and music when I hit the zone and feel like I could go forever.

RECENT RACES: The Milwaukee Brew City in April 2022 was the most recent race. I also completed the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Route 66 Marathon, and placed second in my age group at the Greenville, MS half marathon.

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Training and finishing my first half-marathon at St. Jude. I’d never run an organized race of that distance before, and seeing all the shirts running for someone or in their memory was indescribable. My father even drove 500 miles to be at the finish line.

SPEED BUMPS: Two weeks before the Nashville Country Music full marathon, I suffered a stress fracture in my right leg, but I still benefitted from the training experience, mentally and physically. I also tore my right meniscus at mile four of the Great River half marathon and still completed the 13.1 miles. I believe being in shape helped me to heal quickly, and I was running again about six weeks later.

MY FAV INDULGENCE: A massage, a nice dry red wine, and a night out dancing with my girlfriends.

MY GROUP: I’m a Memphis Runners’ Track Club member and have run their full road race series many times.

FAVORITE JAMS: Country Music Radio. I’m quite a fan of an air guitar and air drums on a long run and belting out the words.

GO-TO GEAR: I love my Brooks Glycerin running shoes. I recently switched to an Apple Watch from Garmin, too.

BEST EATS: Houston’s. It’s my daughter’s and my pick for every big celebration, and we fight over the smoked salmon appetizer!

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: Elton John. I’m his biggest fan.

PET PEEVE: People whining that they have to work out. It’s a blessing to be healthy and whole enough to have the privilege of working out. So many cannot!

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: I’m inspired to be fit and the best version of myself so I can set an example for my daughter.

Photo by Daniel Scruggs