46; Product Manager at FedEx; Founder of Grip & Grind Cycling; Trustee at St. Andrew AME Church

I LOVE MY SPORTS: I experience such freedom when riding bikes. Whether I am going fast or slow, all of life’s problems get put on hold when I am pushing on pedals.

RECENT RACES: Memphis In May Triathlon and Miles 4 Milla bike ride.

BUCKET LIST: I want to bike in all 50 states. I’ve done 17 states so far and hope to be at 20 by the end of the year.

UP NEXT: I will travel to Atlanta for the One Love Century bike ride and the Memphis Ironman.

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Riding 1200+ miles in my first year of cycling in 2016 at 41 years old, beating my goal of 1000 miles.

MY GROUP: I’m in four cycling groups: Major Taylor Memphis, Grind City Cycling, Grip & Grind Cycling, and the Memphis Hightailers. I’m also training with BPC this year, so I can compete in the Memphis Ironman in October.

FAVORITE JAMS: I have multiple playlists, but my son has some good music on Spotify that I ride to.

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: My father died of heart disease in 2012, and both of my grandfathers died of heart disease. Cycling is the sport God gave me to keep in shape. Heart disease is the number one killer of men in all demographics. It’s essential to think about your heart health and do something about it.

GO-TO GEAR: When cycling, it is all about the socks. I have some socks with a dill pickle that says, “I am a big dill.” It’s a corny dad joke, but I am a dad!

MOST MEMORABLE SPORTS EVENT: It’s a toss-up between cycling from Selma to Montgomery in 2018 and Waikiki Beach to Diamond Head in Hawaii. Photo by Tindall Stephens

BEST EATS: The Barbeque Shop on Madison. I don’t eat pork, so I get beef brisket or chicken tenders. Regardless, it’s all good!

DREAM DINNER COMPANY: Lately, I’ve wanted my grandparents to see what I am doing. I know they would be proud. Kareem Abdul Jabbar would be the one I’d like to go to lunch with.

PET PEEVE: Cars when I am riding on the road. Not all cars, just the ones that come dangerously close to us cyclists.

QUOTE: “Just keep pedaling.” You can apply that to everything.

Photo by Tindall Stephens