61; Hematologist-Medical Oncologist at The West Clinic; Board of Directors for Iris Orchestra

INSPIRATION TO BE FIT: I had a heart attack and bypass surgery in 2011 at age 50. To survive, I need to be healthy and fit!

FAVE FITNESS ACCOMPLISHMENT: Finishing my first half marathon in 2012, the LA Marathon in 2019, and Memphis 70.3 in 2021.

RECENT RACES: Germantown Half Marathon, Five Levees 15K (3rd in my age group), Crosstown 10K, MRTC Off-Road Race Series, and the MRTC Road Race Series (3rd in my age group).

MEMORABLE FITNESS EVENT: My first triathlon.

BUCKET LIST: I’d like to finish Memphis 70.3 in the allowed times and keep doing triathlons and running for many years to come.

SETBACKS: Having Covid two months before Memphis 70.3 – knocked me off of my training schedule but I still was able to get it done!

GO-TO GEAR: Hokas!

FAVORITE JAMS: Techno music


BEST EATS: Imagine Vegan Café. I like their veggie plate and of course their fabulous desserts.

ON MY NIGHTSTAND: I wish I had more time to read but my favorite book is “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and anything else by Patricia Highsmith.

MY FAV INDULGENCE: Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream and desserts from Imagine Vegan Café.

UP NEXT: Memphis in May, Olympic and Sprint triathlons, Annie Oakley/Buffalo Bill triathlon, Dragon Fly triathlon, and Memphis 70.3.

I LOVE TRIATHLONS: There’s always something to learn with each race. I love training for the three disciplines. The camaraderie is wonderful in triathlons.