Jennifer Church 

52 / Decorative Artist and Spin, Strength, and TRX Instructor at Inside Out, Midtown 

Russell Church 

50 / Director of Commercial Credit for AutoZone in the US and Mexico 

Their Story 

Jen and Russ met during class at the University of Memphis and have been married for 26 years. 

Family Matters 

Together, Jen and Russ have a sixteen-year-old son. The couple loves cooking together, trying new recipes, or recreating something they have loved from a restaurant. 

How They Stay Fit 

Jen is a Spin, Strength, and TRX instructor at Inside Out Gym in Midtown. Russ plays soccer, goes to boot camp workouts, and plays golf with their son. 

Fitness As A Couple 

Sometimes, their fitness together is a simple walk around the neighborhood. They also enjoy spin classes together at Inside Out or Pilates at Dose Hot HIIT Pilates & Yoga on the weekends and enjoy keeping things active when they travel together. 

How They Inspire Each Other To Prioritize Wellness 

Before becoming parents, Jen and Russ worked out together often. As working parents, they have found they have to be better about managing their time to fit in their workouts. Russ usually works out early to spend time at home after work, so Jennifer plans her workout times accordingly. Then, on the weekends, they try to attend a fitness class together. They have found that working as a team helps them keep their wellness on track. 

Proudest Fitness Accomplishments 

Jen is proud of her level of fitness. “I feel much fitter now than I ever did in my 20s and 30s,” she says. She also sees the benefits of her fitness in her work, recognizing that the strength she has gained allows her to climb scaffolding and do all the physical challenges required for her decorative painting projects. 

Russ served as captain of the University of Memphis men’s soccer team during his 20s and is proud to be still playing with the Memphis Blues Club thirty years later. 

Greatest Strengths 

Jen loves Russ’s ability to live in the moment and that he is generous in dedicating his full attention to his friends and family when they are together. Russ recognizes that Jen is self-motivated and driven with her work and passions while also being incredibly caring and putting others first. 

Best Wellness Advice 

The couple agree that the hardest part of a workout can be showing up, so their advice is to just sign up for the class, put on your gear, and go. Jennifer also recommends everyone find a comfortable gym. “Inside Out Gym has everything I needed in a gym, without being supersized or intimidating,” she says. 

Fitness Goals 

Both Jen and Russ hope to incorporate more stretching and yoga into their 2024 wellness routines and keep up their consistent fitness routines. 

By Zoe Harrison 

Photo by Tindall Stephens