By Shlomit Ovadia

Did you ever think putting the body under stress could ease the mind and provide a slew of other health benefits?

Symmetry, founded in 2018, takes an innovative approach to recovery and stress management, using breathwork, meditation, pool workouts, and heat and ice contrast therapy. 

The company was born in response to Symmetry founder Taylor Somerville, whose anxiety, stress, life overwhelms, and work burnout seemed to reach its tipping point.

Through several of the modalities now offered at Symmetry, Taylor was able to reset his mind and body and come out stronger. He now uses his company to help others accomplish the same, using stress-management tools that can improve one’s physical well-being.

Symmetry’s unique healing modalities teach the body to become challenge-resilient. 

To do this, they place clients in controlled situations that ignite the natural fight-or-flight response. Then, they coach them through the experience using slow diaphragmatic nasal breathing and calming mind-control exercises.

Another technique used with mental and psychological benefits is heat and ice contrast therapy. 

Cold immersion has been linked to improved cardiovascular health and circulation, boosted immune system efficiency, reduced inflammation, sleep and nervous system regulation, and muscle recovery. On the other hand, heat exposure also has unique advantages that include body temperature and metabolism regulation, reduced blood pressure, decreased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, and the release of toxins. Plus, it can even help fight obesity.

Their heat and ice class is in-person in hour-long sessions. They also offer private heat and ice sessions for your group or team. 

Life stress is inevitable, but how we navigate and cope with it matters, directly playing a part in the quality of our health and happiness. The muscle memory your body will gain from even one cold and heat therapy session can translate into an increased mood, improved sleep, a general sense of calmness, and even stave off injury or aid in recovery!

What’s great about this methodology is that it requires nothing external and merely calls upon our body’s natural abilities. 

Symmetry offers one-on-one and corporate group coaching. They want to help you regain control of your life, so you have more time, energy, and less stress by developing sustainable habits and mindsets. 

Visit Symmetry online to check out their free educational resources, podcasts, and guided instructions. You can also set up a free call, book virtual classes, and book a heat and ice session.

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