Manager at Planet Fitness & Certified Personal Trainer

Family: Fiancée-Andrea, son-Rashawn (10)

Sport: Powerlifting 

My MMA coach Jonathan Border started calling me Reubenstein because of my strength, so that made me curious about powerlifting.

I stay disciplined with meal prepping each week. My go-to staples are salmon, chicken, jasmine rice, and broccoli. 

A typical workout for me includes: barbell squat 5×5, leg extension 3×20, dumbbell side lunge 3×12, deadlift 5×5, lying leg curl 3×20, hip abductor 3×20, standing calf raise 3×12.

High reps and supersets are my cardio. If I decide to do anything different, it’s 100-meter sprints or hitting the heavy bag.

After working hard all week… I love having Panda Express or some sort of pizza on the weekend.

Growing up, I looked up to Warrick Dunn (former American running back). I was one of the smaller guys on the football team, but I didn’t let that stop me from working hard to be the fastest. I also look up to Ray Williams because he is very humble and a man of faith while being one of the greatest powerlifters of all time.

Stretching is the most underrated exercise. It is so important for preventive maintenance and longevity.

My favorite workout move is the deadlift. It’s a showcase of brute strength.

My advice to people just getting into fitness is to listen to your body and be obsessed with your goals.

Being a mental lifter, I used to get psyched out easily. I felt like every variable had to be exactly right for my workouts to go well. I have worked on training my mind to push through, even when it doesn’t feel exactly perfect.

My next fitness goal is to compete in Elite Total in powerlifting. For my weight class, I have to squat, bench press, and deadlift a total of over 1,574 pounds.

People would be surprised to know that I always have tuna packets and hot sauce in my gym bag.

Shh… I like using women’s deodorant because it smells better!

Photo by Tindall Stephens, Compiled by Amy Goode